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Alex Dorian Ripper
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hey Guys Doc here ....a little bit of a change .....Alex being Alex having her adventures and whatnot isn't as active as she should be so i'm a bit more in charge of this art account now and it's not just a character focused account anymore to kill all the confusion cuz me and Alex share the same name (if you're rlly curious and don't know just ask ....i'll write it down some other time permanently on the profile when i get more time to focus on editing and rearranging this account ) you guys can just call me Doc.....many of you already do some of my closer friends consider me your crazy uncle/dad/grandpa me and Alex will share this profile together as ˝The Ripper twins˝ in short .....if u have a question for me just address me as Doc ...and when you talk to Alex just address her ...simple as that i'll leave Alex's profile entry down below ;)

Hello Ratties!!
Name's Alex folks , Alex Ripper and before you go asking yourselves you have anything to do with the infamous killer Jack the Ripper ....YES!!! Yes i do .....he was may ...great,great, great......something......grandfather ......i think ....i dunno ....

What you're gonna see here is my life ....well if you could call it life ...since i'm not really alive if u haven't noticed that yet by my pale complexion and this fucking cross in the middle of my fucking FORHEAD!!!! ....soryy my bad ...get bit emotional when i talk about this thing *points at forehead*

Well I do loads of stuff around here ...but this thing will kinda be my journal of stuff i'm usually up to with my friends ...enemies....frenemies....i have friends trough all the fandomverse ....!! Currently visiting the Pines family in Gravity Falls Oregon ....sometimes i take a ride in the TARDIS with your favorite timelord.....The Doctor.....or jsut steal Doc's Delorean

I'm not leaving without mentioning my best friend Oscar .....hes my bud and life saver ...and where he is is always my home ....i sometimes take him with me if he's up for it but he's usually too busy in his secret laboratory .....ehhh i mean in his office taking in patients ....he's a psychiatrist for children ....i help him out sometimes ....with the bratty kids ....we also have LOADS of rats !!!! I love rats if u haven't figured that out already

well that's me and if you have a problem with it say it to my face!! ( so i can bite it off)

(Hey guys Doc here ...Again (just a bit re-edited text from what was written before ;) ) you can see Alex is my OC and i gave her her own account where fun stuff will go on's my original account where i also have a lot of artwork of her
...i'm writing this cuy i don't want anyone to think this accout is copying my art ....because I myself am behind it :D
Thanks for understanding and don't be shy to iteract with her ....this account will be always in character if you want to talk to me pleas go to my main account thanks
  • Listening to: Alice Cooper
  • Watching: Back to the future
  • Drinking: Whiskey'n Rum
So i decided to start a WebComic about Alex and Oscar ....basically i have the storry written now i jsut have to draw it ....i really wanted it to be an animation or a film but this is much simpler to share my stories

right now it's only a cover but if you guys wanna tune in here's the link

i'll post the cover here in the journal too...but for more you'll have to go to the link above :)

Cover by RatTheRipper


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Core membership will be mine baby!!!!!! YEEEEHAAAAWWWWW!!!!

I'll collect points while Stan collects real moneeeeyyss

also Comissianos!!! Art Trades!!! WHATEVER RATTIES!! ALL FOR YOUU!!!!

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i'll put 300 points ....which means 300 up....but we can talk no prob ;) 
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